Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm alright with potential homelessness...

Fashion for the soon to be homeless? When the bank has seized our assets and we're tossed to the streets with nothing but our humble sleeping bag.
Mr Giles Deacon shows us the way of the future; part business survival strategy or perhaps just more evidence of his macabre storytelling. Regardless I like Mr Giles Deacon. He = intellectual and witty, proactively adapting his designs to suit times of "financial doom" and this ear stinging speak about the recession. It looks as though form follows function is a mantra well known and practiced in his 2009 creations. Instead of looking at fashion from a superfluous and frivolous standpoint, instead we can categorise these purchases as real investment pieces- ensuring us shelter and warmth.

Giles Deacon Fall 08

Designers who have gone before- Victor and Rolf had a similar concept with their collection Bedtime Story (2005)

Pack lightly. Take only what is necessary; wear your home on your back, your sleeve- these are my nomadic tendencies speaking. We all know home is where the heart is. Inviting people over will suddenly become all the more personal and quite an intimate affair.
In the case that I have slightly overreacted, and times don't actually get as tough as I'm prepared for... well then I can write this preparation off as just another excuse to never get out of bed. My fascination and fondness for bed often gets the better of me... I'm a much happier girl wrapped up warm in a good thread count.


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