Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Deco design. I have always had a fondness for art deco jewellery; I think this comes from my Mothers eye for incredible adornments (and no she isn't the type to style up her twin set with pearly bits).
Instead her choice is always a little more dark and haunting. Lately she has a perch for collecting pendants like wilting flowers and mysterious horses. My most favoured of her jewellery is a cameo styled scarab ring from her travels through Egypt.

Sipping cheap wine from plastic cups would be forever okay- if I had a fancy finger piece like these ones...

Although I'm accepting of any bejewelled creatures I prefer them not to be living, literally creeping or crawling would be just a little too much.

  • If you are after a pet you could try the Tenebrionid Beetle Brooch from Mexico; he doesn't need feeding, nor will he fly away and leave you- pin him close to your heart!
  • If you're the scientific type maybe you would be interested in a Bombardier Beetle. These creatures give off a scent as a defence mechanism. Scientists and designers have arranged so we can fill beetle rings and pendants with pretty perfumes. Wearable technology for aroma

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