Saturday, May 8, 2010

SUMMER - degrees of separation

Starting with...

Tis the season for the famous Italian delicacy ARTICHOKES. After sampling many a style at restaurants this month, I’ve tackled a few of the cooking methods at home. Guilia (fried) to Romanian (boiled).

I reckon I’ve almost mastered the art of Carciofi.... “Maybe” says my boyfriend; but anyhow shopping at the farmers markets and the slow act of peeling back succulent leaf; layer-by-layer to get to it’s scrummy heart… is all part of the fun.
Recipes for Carciofi alla Giudia here

The 1st Degree.
I want a 1950s Poul Henningsen Artichoke Light, its kinda like an industrial/no frills version of a chandelier

The 2nd Degree

Design week Milan (a.k.a Fuorisalone)

After an aperitivo on the Ngavilio River we walked one street over to the Fuorisalone hotspot and thirsty metropolis of ZONA TORTONA. It was the opening of the well known weeklong design festival. The laneway was lined with carnival like objects. We sampled free drinks and played on the streets gimmicky interactive designs. My boyfriend was an energetic hamster as he powered me in a hammock that was driven by a giant running wheel. Galleries were still setting up, whilst others had their night of glory and guests. Door lists and cocktail dress was out in force, but invited or not there were plenty of hands filled with specialties.

Corso Como 10.

Looking forward to sidestepping my daily schedule I went to visit the Corso Como 10 gallery. I was in the neighbourhood and timed a visit between casting lines. Maison Martin Margiela's Jewellery has always struck a chord with me. As a student in Jewellery Design & Manufacturing I’ve always fancied M.M.M’s simplicity and uncontrived aesthetic.

But to be frank the offerings of Margiela were outdone by the original handmade creations on display at the neighbouring room of the Carla Sozzani Gallery. A collaboration with Artisan Display Artist Emanuele Marinoni and Jeweller Kris Ruhs provided a monstrous collection of hand-cut and crafted elegance with tribal tinted pieces. Works were made from beaten silver rusted brass, copper and gold. My favourites included tiered drop earring of filigree hearts; worn long in a single ear.

The 3rd Degree.

Following the jewellery exhibit The World Press Photography Awards now occupy Carla Sozzani's space. … Photojournalism at its best... my fondness for National Geographic has been far surpassed with this touring show; with an aim of using M-Adult Only rated reportage photos as a more powerful medium than newspapers, mags and tv.

Exhibited photographs fit into the fields bellow:

General News

Sports Features

Contemporary Issues

Daily Life


Arts and Entertainment

The 4th Degree

ABOVE MAGAZINE. The beautiful paper stock fast tracked this magazine to one of my favourites. It’s fantastic articles about environmental issues and new projects make magazines relying on “art for arts sake” so numb. Above Magazines reputed contributing photographers make it visually and journalistically elite. (considering you feel those like MJ are genious) see online here

The 5th Degree.
Printed Silks
From the glamorous headscarf wearers in Milan to the traditional adorning women of Morocco. I'm in love with Morocco. The land and people are a refreshing break from fretting European cities. Days in Moroccan towns run long over sipping mint tea, cooking Tanjine's and watching belly-dancing shows that tell ancient tales. Um do steer clear of Marrakech.

6th Degree

PATTERN PLAY; I’m learning to wear prints. Previously not a fan of brightly decorated fabrics (I learnt this ailment early on in becoming a clothes horse; clients who required me try on what looked like a bouquet of vomited petals were often met with my unenthused expression.) Tonal prints are on my wish list though. Patterns with strictly limited colours involved. Here are some of my favourites this season and for the forthcoming:

PS. And I want to dye my hair pink. My sister has gone a Papaya shade and it looks like way more fun than being blonde.

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