Monday, September 13, 2010

Recommended by a friend for a romantic dinner destination- we arrived sunburnt and knackered after a day on the neighbouring coast.
Obidos on this particular night was hosting their annual Medieval Festival. Entry free if dressed in theme, or 9euros for the cool kids who weren’t prepared to swap their rags for knights and princess costumes.

First things first …the setting of Obidos, is a castle town near to the renowned surf beach of Peniche, Portugal. (The knob protruding southwest from the landmass on any Portugal map) It’s a village that sits upon a hillside and is contained by ancient walls. Step inside to fairytale land. They pride themselves in creators of cherry liquor and on this particular night we had the most fun in a very long time.

Traditional medieval dining areas had huge communal tables and seating made from untreated wood, more suitable for giants or the three bears. The food was hearty, unfussed and typical of the 15th century. By no means was it a cheesy carnival; instead the showcase of artisans- their handcrafted goods and the entertainment from those who were truly spirits from the era.
The festival falls on a weekend on July annually. But Obidos is a must see year-round.

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